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ArikesBraids belong to the class of the top braided hairstyles that have ever existed. They are one of the perfect ways to style your hair and, at the same time, protect your hair from damage. Most women use these braided hairstyles to showcase their fashion sense and creative imagination. These braids are a classic, sophisticated yet simple style that looks good on anyone. Arike braids can be made in different sizes (small, medium, and large), lengths, and colors.

How To Make Large Knotless Plaits

  • Wash and dry your hair with a hairdryer before visiting the salon, or you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home.
  • After drying, section your hair into preferred shapes: triangles, squares, etc. Use edge control to hold hair strands in place for a finer look.
  • For traditional braids, you will use knots to hold the braids, but for knotless braids, it’s different. Begin a three-strand braid by joining each braid and feeding in your natural hair as you go down.
  • Repeat the above step for each section of hair. Dip your hair in hot water to enhance its flexibility (optional). Congrats! Your knotless box braids are done.

How To Make Large Triangle Knotless Braids

Triangular knotless box braids are unique hairstyles that will certainly give you an ideal look. Wearing this hairstyle will fix all eyes on you because the style speaks volumes about beauty and elegance. You will become the talk of the day. Surprisingly, triangle knotless box braids are fast and easy to make. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for making neat triangular knotless box braids.

a hairstyle that will give your hair

  • Divide and part your hair into preferred sizes. Create a parting from the mid-ear to the other ear at the bottom of your neck.
  • Smoothen any hair strand using a gel or natural edge control to create a cleaner parting.

Create a triangular part in each section with a sharp, pointed comb.Do this by creating two to three slant lines in each section of hair to achieve the triangular shape.

  • Braid sectioned hair using an extension to increase length. The color of the extension should be a bit brighter than your hair color.
  • Keep braiding till you reach the end.
  • Make another parting following the same method you used in the first section of hair. Part of the hair starts from the tip of one ear to the other.
  • Add more triangular parts. Make a star shape by matching the point of the triangle part.
  • Make a semi-circle in a section and braid a mini-cornrow, meeting them in the middle from each side.
  • Make a semi-circle again, this time starting at the middle-brow, and braid another mini-cornrow like you did the first time.
  • Make a triangular part in each section and create 2 small braids on each side, moving downwards to meet the other braids you made. Add extensions to the sectioned triangles and attach the end of the braid to the section.
  • Close the ends of the hair. If you are done braiding all the triangular sections of your hair, put the end of each braid into the steaming water. This will make them lighter.
  • After that, you could add accessories to the braids to beautify them. Join braids by creating a bun in the middle of your head and holding it with a rubber band.

How To Make Layerbraids With Ponytails

Layers of braids are beautiful hairstyles that are a creative hair design. The only downside to having these braids is the fact that they make the styling of hair difficult. Most women don’t include layer braids on the list of hairstyles they try because of the stress one goes through styling them. Well, not anymore because we have mapped out possible ways of making layer braids with ponytails. The steps are given below;

  • Using a hairdryer, curl the hair, concentrating on the end and brush. You can also use a styler to create curls.
  • Place the braids on each layer of hair.
  • To get neat braids, try using the French braid or Dutch braid. They are perfect for braids.
  • Stretch the braids and tuck in the loose ends to prevent strands of hair from pulling out, making the braids look rough.
  • Use hairspray to restrain hair strands if tucking them into braids doesn’t work.
  • You can also use hair clips to keep your hair from pulling out.
  • Insert hair clips into each braid for final touches and you are good to go.

• Bohemian Knotless Braids in Medium

Get it right with bohemian knotless braids. Wearing this braid hairstyle will make heads turn. Express yourself with these magnificent Bohemian Knotless braids. There are no limits to this hairstyle; you can create different outstanding designs. As classy as it appears, it is as simple as the traditional box braids. For more attractiveness and uniqueness, try using different colors on each braid and garnishing them with embellishments like silver clips, bands, or cowrie shells. Trust me, you will love the outcome.

• Knotless Braids in Medium Size

The size or thickness of your knotless braids doesn’t make them look less attractive, rather it enhances their beauty. However, it doesn’t change the fact that medium knotless braids are also good-looking and protective. Making medium knotless braids is faster for those who dread sitting in one position for long. They are also very light; they go easy on your scalp. You can create any style of your choice with these braids.

• Medium Lemonade Braids on the Side

Lemonade side braids are sexy and fancy braids. They create a long-lasting impression, portraying you as a model. If you want to get the best from lemonade braids, try medium sizes; they are top-notch. Medium lemonade side braids are better left long than cut short, although women with sensitive skin may think otherwise, as their skin will react when it comes into contact with the extensions.

Medium Ponytail

Making medium ponytails is so easy; the hair is the same length as the shoulder, so you can style them in half-up ponytails. If you have good hair texture, medium ponytails will appear nice, smooth, and attractive. The ponytail style is comfortable because the braids are tightly secured, unlike when you rest them on your back, which can be very itchy.


Giving your braids the perfect styling highlights your facial features, creating an impressive look. They enhance the beauty of the hair; they are more like finishing.

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