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Box braids are one hairstyle that can never be outdated. It is the most famous hairstyle admired by everyone. Unlike other hairstyles that have been long forgotten, box braids never died off.  This hairstyle is fitting, beautiful, and easy to make. Box braids look good on anyone, with different shapes of face. The hairstyle keeps evolving, as people come up with different lovely patterns, that you won’t hesitate to rock.

Box braids come in different types, which have been explored in so many ways with different colors and extensions. It is one hairstyle that never loses its glow even as it is among the oldest styles right from time. 

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are simple-looking hairstyles, with multiple braids attached to the scalp with an extension. The box is just a square-shaped parting made over the head. It exudes beauty and uniqueness.  Although, there are other ways you can part your hair before fixing it. Box braids are of two types, traditional and knotless box braids

•  Traditional box braids are made by fixing extensions with a knot on every portion of natural hair you tie out and create an attachment at the scalp. You can make out various sizes from the traditional box braids if you please.

 For Knotless box braids the extensions arejoined to the base of the hair without a knot. The knotless styles are the most common type of box braids and the majority of hairstylists prefer using them. Knotless box braids are protective hairstyles. By protective hairstyles, I mean they prevent the hair from any form of pressure or strains, heat, or anything that will break it.

Traditional box braids are of different sizes; the extra-small box braids/thin braids, medium box braids, and small traditional box braids.

•  Extra-Small Traditional Box Braids:

Extra-small traditional box braids otherwise known as micro braids or thin braids are very tiny strands of extensions incorporated into the hair. These styles go way back in time. Micro braids can stay up to several months looking fresh and new. UnlUnlike other sizes of braids, they can be used for a long without any fault. These traditional braids let your hair breathe because of their size,  space on the scalp. It allows easy maintenance.

The only disadvantage of extra-small braids is that they are time-consuming. They are exhausting to make, and oftentimes need lots of assistance to get the work done faster. They can be so painful because of the amount of pressure it puts on the hair edges, which may lead to breakage if not carefully handled.

•  Medium Traditional Box Braids

Medium traditional box braids can be fixed in various forms and colors. The medium box braids are moderate and beautiful. They give you a daring look. They are faster and easier to join to the natural hair, unlike the extra-all braids.

Medium box braids are very attractive and convenient, perfect in all sizes. The good thing about these plaits is they don’t stress the hair root and have enough space to enable you to wash hair thoroughly.

•  Small Traditional Box Braids:

These box braids are nice and simple, giving you an elegant look, highlighting all your unique features. These plaits are thicker than the micro braids. They are not so stressful, although take as much time to fix as the extra small braids. Small braids do not damage one’s hair, they are light and don’t overstretch the hairline.

If you have a strong hair texture, small braids are ideal for you because they hold the hair firmly, no matter the length of the hair. They can be styled in different ways, into ponytails or buns.


Box braids still top the charts of the most popular hairstyles. These styles were introduced by some celebrities and since then have flooded the internet and blogs. They are classic and super cool. The most intriguing part of this is that box braids aren’t expensive hairstyles and are easily maintained.

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