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Do you love to explore every new hairstyle? Are you are a lover of braids? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will take through the trending box braids hairstyles in 2022. For box braids, it’s an exciting adventure because each day people introduce different hairstyle and colors that suits them.

Box braids are not only common in African countries but across the globe. The truth is these hairstyles are rocked more in Asian and European countries, especially by celebrities. They are light, classy, and stylish, giving you the best appearance. These braids are parted in square shapes, hence the name “box braids”. Not only are they perfect hair design, but also serve as protection for your hair. Without wasting much time, let’s look at some of the latest box braids hairstyles.                   

1. Simple Medium Box Braids

Med traditional box braids

This is the simplest braid. You can tell that from its name. No stress, no sweat. It is the most common hairstyle among blacks. The square parting in the middle fixed with small box braids is what makes them unique. Simple box braids are straightforward yet elegant and classic, which makes them captivating and a must-do hairstyle. It’s a perfect style for those who love their braid nice and simple and cooperative workers. 

2. Tied Up Medium Box Braids

Spicing up your braids with some ties in a little pony isn’t a bad idea. Hairstyling is an artwork, you could experiment with new ideas if you please. Tied-up medium box braids are the normal braids only that it is styled differently, with half ponytails. It does not require much technique or is time-consuming. These braids highlight your facial features, giving you a more pleasant and adorable look.

3. Beautiful Box Braids Hairstyle

This is yet another beautiful hairstyle, one of a kind. Beautiful box braids hairstyle exudes confidence and sophistication. The majority of black women prefer this braid style. You can rock them to any occasion and stand out. These braids take a few minutes to get fixed and it is so easy to wash when dirty.  With the beautiful box braids hairstyle on, you will always look your best.

4. Long Bob With Box Braids

Long bob with box braids are legendary hairstyles, they never fade out. This hairstyle speaks volumes about beauty and uniqueness. These are standard braids, with high expectations. It is just a combination of box braids and the popular long bob. You can add some flashy accessories to it like ribbons, golden or silver cuffs, to give it a more attractive look. Long bob with box braids is an exclusive hair technique.

5. Knotless Box Braids

The famous knotless box braids are the key formula to a sexy and classy appearance. Box braids are undeniably cool, but knotless box braids are out of this world, especially when styled with great colors of extension and the right accessories. They are simple and neat braids. Without the knots on the roots, gives a decent look, and frees hair from tension. This is one hairstyle you should try out, you won’t regret it.

6. Crochet Box Braids In Burgundy

Most people aren’t cool with using too many colors for braids. If you belong to that class,  you don’t have to sweat it, there are lots of natural or neutral colors you can use for extensions, no need for bright colors. Burgundy crochet box braids are a perfect pick. The color is not so dull or shouty, the perfect mix for your braids. The crotchet serves as an extension attached to the hair. 

7. Crochet Box Braids With White Extensions

Crochet Box Braids with White Extensions create a long-lasting impression. These braids are rarely seen, they aren’t regular hairstyles. But also tops the chart as one of the most beautiful box braids. The white color with a mix of silver extensions boosts its attractiveness. When combined with crochet brings out the glow. You don’t want to miss out on this.

8. Box Braids With Accessories

These are simply the normal box braids designed with the ideal accessories. Accessories on box braids work 100%,  it is flashy and sexy. The normal jumbo braids are cool, but if accessories are added to them, it’s the coolest. Using silver clips /beads, or golden cuffs beautifies your box braids. Box braids with accessories are common with the Egyptian queens back in the 90s.

9. Crochet Box Braids With Triangles

Trying out different box braids hairstyles is exciting. You can pick colors that haven’t been used for braiding before, extend the length of your braids or decorate them with nice accessories. Whatever you decide to do with your hair, it’s fine. The most fun box braids hairstyles are crochet box braids with triangles. They are a different ball game. It’s the normal box braids with crochet only that it is parted in a triangle. The triangle partings are more complex than the square.

10. Laura Harrier Box Braids

Laura Harrier is the new style added to the list of trendy box braids hairstyles in 2022. Some celebrities rocked this hairstyle on TV shows and they looked so great in them. Laura Harrier Box Braids are exotic hairstyles. These braids are good to go, they can be flaunted on any occasion. They add a touch of beauty to your outfit.


Having listed the latest box braids styles in 2022, I trust we have been of help, saving you the stress of combing the internet in search of beautiful box braid styles to make. With this list, you can confidently walk into any salon with a hairstyle in mind without engaging in a back and forth debate with the stylist on which style will look good on you. These exclusive hairstyles are not only lovely but also quite affordable.

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