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Knotless box braids are like trophies, wearing them brings so much joy. Surprisingly, knotless box braids are effortless styles, you won’t drop a sweat getting it done. Also, they are low-budget braids, maintaining them doesn’t cost much, and you can have them on for months before visiting the salon for a change of hairstyle.

Knotless box braids are nearly flawless hairstyles. As an all-in-one package, they are super cool braids. These braids do not need knots to keep hair in place, hence your hair won’t be pressured. They are painless and light braids, unlike some other braids that feel as if you are carrying a clay pot over your head because of how heavy they are, and discomforting.

In this article, we provided some details about knotless box braids hairstyle, how to care for your braids, Ways to style them, their prices, the pro and cons, and some frequently asked questions. The answers to these questions are provided below:


Knotless braids are easy and safe braids. They don’t tense or cause pain on the roots, this is because the extensions are fixed without knots installing them is so stress-free, unlike the regular box braids. Knotless box braids protect the hair from damage and give you a more natural look. They are ideal hairstyles for ladies looking to grow their hair.


Here are some of the advantages of wearing knotless box braids;

•  knotless box braids are easy to maintain. All that is needed to keep them in shape are mild shampoo for regular washing, hairdryers, and hair oil for moisturizing.

•   They do not pressurize the scalp. You can keep Knotless braids on for long without worrying about hair damage. 

•  They are pain-free. Knotless box braids cause no pain because knots or ties aren’t used to join the extensions to the scalp.  

•  Knotless box braids are natural. Extensions used are incorporated with the natural hair.

•  These braids are not heavy or bulky, they are spacious and comfortable.

•  These braids last for more than a month, different from the usual box braids. Also, they can be done at a cheap price.


Knotless box braids are cool but have their downsides. Here are a few of them;

•  Knotless box braids take a longer time to install due to the length of an extension added to the braids.

•  The extensions are not secured to the scalp properly, hence knotless box braids appear so scanty.


Knotless box braids need proper care due to their length. Taking care of your braids keeps them in shape, it is like renewing them. Here are a few tips on how well you can take care of your knotless braids;

•  Before going to be a bed, ensure you cover your braids with a hair net or scarf this will prevent them from getting rough.

•  Use good hair oils, lotions, or creams for regular moisturizing, so they don’t so dry and begin to break.

•  Apply products like conditioner spray (anti-frizz conditioner) or any product of your choice as long as it’s a good one, and edge control cream on your braids, this helps renew braids. 

•  You may experience itching from braids, so make sure you get anti-itch oil, they prevent itching.

•  Try not to use too many hair build-up products, like shampoo, get a dry shampoo. When excessively used on braids can result in itching.


•  Do knotless braids damage natural hair?

No, knotless braids do not damage your hair. They do not put too much tension on your hairline like the regular traditional box braids. The extensions are joined directly into the braids, this prevents damage (like itching, a little bump on the scalp, redness of the scalp).

•  Do knotless box braids last long?

The duration of knotless box braids is dependent on a few factors, size/length of braids, the texture of the natural hair, type of braid done, and how well you take care of your braids.

If the size of braids is large, they will get rough in time. The perfect size for your knotless box braids is small-medium braids. Also, if you do not have a good hair texture, knotless braids won’t last long. These braids survive long on silky, curly hair. With a curly hair texture, the extensions will be tightly secured to braids.

That said, knotless box braids can last for 2 to 3 months maximum.

•  What’s the Difference Between Knotless Braids and Box Braids?

Knotless box braids use natural hair as a start-up then extensions are attached little by little towards the end of the braid. Unlike traditional box braids where knots are used first, to hold the hair firmly.

Knotless box braids take a longer time to make because of the process involved. While the usual box braids are faster.

Knotless box braids are more comfortable and painless compared to box braids.

Are knotless braids better?

Well, It depends on what works for you. If you want safe and easier braid styles, then knotless box braids are the right fit. However, if you are time-conscious, need something faster and casual, then go for the box braids.

How do you make knotless braids last longer?

As I earlier said, to make your knotless box braids serve you for a longer period, you need to give them the best care.

Wash hair regularly with shampoo, to keep it moisturized.

Wear hairnets before you retire to bed at night.

If you need to renew your hairstyle, use minimum hair gel (shine jam). Try not to apply too much, you don’t want hair to be glued up.

Use conditioners on hair, preferably leave-in product.

Apply edge control on hair to keep them in place and mousse for restyling.

If you keep up with these little hacks, you won’t be visiting the salon until after three months to change your hairdo

How much do knotless box braids cost?

Due to how long fixing knotless box braids take, stylish usually charge a bit high. Knotless box braids are longer, require more technique than normal box braids. You would pay up to $300 to $600 if the braids are longer.

Ways to style knotless braids?

Styling knotless box braids aren’t so easy. They take a long time especially if the braids are larger. Below are guides on how to perfectly style your knotless box braids.

•  First, wash the hair well and condition it.

•  Use a stretcher to stretch the hair to avoid tangling.

•  With a comb, divide the hair into parts. You can part them into squares or triangles.

•  Use hair gel (shine n jam) to firmly hold each section of hair from the roots.

•  Braid each strand of hair, after which start installing the extensions. Make the sizes are small.

•  Use the hair gel to hold each braid. It will give them a neat look.

•  Occasionally, you can re-style braids to your taste. Style them into a ponytail, help-up pony, large buns, or space buns, whichever you prefer, it’s fine.


Knotless box braids have over time outshined traditional box braids. They have become one of the best hairstyles in all comparison. I mean, it’s not every day we get to see a hairstyle that’s versatile, beautiful, improves the quality of your hair, and is easy to maintain. Most hairstyles mess up your hair after you take them off, damaging the front hair. Knotless box braids are exceptional, it does better than harm to your hair.

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